That time I saw two lines

Just a few days after my last post i saw them.

July 10th 10:30 pm: Our cat had been missing for two weeks. Chris and I were about to head off to bed, when he's says "I'm going to go look outside one more time for Buddha (our cat)."

Sure enough our dissapearing cat was magically sleeping on top of our car in the driveway.  We were shocked! So we decided to let him inside and keep him inside.  He's a old guy and its hot so it needed to be done.

July 10th 11:00 pm:  Chris gets dressed and heads off to Walmart to get everything we need to have an inside cat again.

That day I had been feeling, off.  I couldn't really put my finger on what.  i thought i was coming down with a head cold. I had a headache for most of the day and it was getting worse as the day went on.  I hardly ever get headaches and if i do they are never as intense as the one i had.

When Chris left to go to the store he gave me a good bye kiss and the usual good bye boob grab, (husbands man).  Right at that moment the gears in my brain started moving. I took a mental list of my symptoms, feeling weird, headache, now sore boobs. uh oh.  It takes me about 10 minutes to process what is happening.

I finally call Chris hoping he's still at the store and we have the following conversation

Me: hey i thought of something that i'd like for you to pick up while you're there.
Chris: sure, what is it?
m: well....uh....only if you feel comfortable buying this...uhhh...could you pick up a pregnancy test?
c: really? uhh, yeah. where are they at?
m: in the isle next to the things that prevent you from buying a pregnancy test.
c:  which one do you need there are so many
m: the cheapest.
c: all right got it, be home soon.

later on he tells me that while he was in line buying cat stuff, and a pregnancy test, he was in front of a bunch of teenage girls and he wanted to say something about how this could be your life, or something to that affect. :)

Moving on.

Everyone knows that the best time to take a pregnancy test is first thing in the morning.  So we went to bed and I slept really great considering that fact that in the morning our family could possibly be adding another to it.

July 11, 6:00 am: Morning came, i took the test, and then waited for the result.

I honestly was expecting it to be negative.  Never did another baby cross my mind at all, but for this stories sake it was indeed positive, those two blue lines showed up and i just stared at it.  I walked over to Chris and i can't really remember what I said cause i was still in a daze, but i said something like "hey so, yeah, its positive".

Chris immediately starting thinking of baby names, cause he have zero this time around. We have a good list for both so we'll see what we eventually settle on.

Fast forward a couple weeks.  I was put on a pelvic bed rest.  It was the worst. Basically anything that has to do with movement with the pelvic area was off limits....so i just laid around for a few weeks sick, and bored, till things cleared up. Seriously, so boring and you don't realize how many things you actually do until you can't do them.

August 20th 10:30 am: doctors appointment.  It was time to see what or if anything was growing inside me. I wasn't expecting anything to be there, probably because the fact that we are having another baby hadn't quite sunk in all the way yet. I don't know what i was thinking.  I wanted there to be a baby, but i guess i would have been okay if there wasn't. It was just weird.

Ultrasound starts and right away there is the tiny little bean with a beating heart.  That is the moment i finally was like "Okay this is happening." I smiled and watched as the Doctor measured and just had a feeling of peace and love for this little one.

And that folks is the story of how my pregnancy with our fourth little precious baby started.

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