the unicorn pregnancy

Hey so yeah, how has everybody been. I've been better, but also worse. So I'm counting my blessings that I'm not worse.

When I hit the 12 week mark for this pregnancy things started going a little wonky.  I threw up for the first time. Weird. Now its just getting a little worse.  I've thrown up quite a few more times and it sucks.  I haven't experienced a non throwing up first 12 weeks then to start after that.  Again could be worse.  Like when i was pregnant with Evelyn I was literally sick for 6 months. Now that was awful, i never thought it would end.

It really is true what they say, every pregnancy is different. A friend of mine told me that the 4th is the Unicorn pregnancy. Its a mystical creature, you don't know what to expect it could be magical or it could be horrifying.  I believe it.

I am just an un-hot mess right now. Sneezing is the enemy. Every time i sneeze it triggers something and i immediately need to throw up. Then while I'm throwing up i usually need to pee so its really an awkward and not fun situation.  The glamorous life of pregnancy.  Call me when its over, kthxbye!

Thought i'd share an update cause i know everyone is just dying to know, obviously.

How far along? 15 weeks
Maternity clothes? i haven't had money to buy any, but i found a pair of yoga pants on clearance $5 i bought in a size up so there are the one thing i have that fits right now. shirts i just wear regular ones. 
Sleep: still sleeping good. i toss and turn quite a bit, but still good sleep. 
Best moment this week: i don't really have one. 
Miss Anything? sneezing with out throwing up, that'd be cool. 
Movement: i can feel the swimming and the random waves
Food cravings: nothing really specific right now, mainly anything protein. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: basically still everything
Have you started to show yet: yes. 
Gender prediction: no predictions. we'll be starting from scratch with either so it doesn't matter to me. 

Happy or Moody most of the time: eh, its day 2 of 2 weeks of fall break, ask me again when the kids are back in school. 
Looking forward to: not throwing up anymore, the end will come. 

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