Mother of 4

One day, many moons ago, Chris and I were just waking up and we were talking about life, and what we had planned that day, then he mentioned that he had a weird thought that when he was with the kids, he kept thinking where is the 4th. I laughed a little cause those words coming from his mouth were totally unexpected and responded with something snarky and a huge yeah right. I thought about it briefly then put it out of my mind.

After we had Camden we were 100% certain he was it.  We felt complete as a family.  

Just the other day Chris mentioned our conversation from months prior he said "well I guess i was right about the 4th kid"  Its been fun to see how chill he's been about it all and me being the slightly crazy one this time around.

I've had to completely take a 180 degree spin and get my brain to be ready for a "I'm having a 4th kid" mode.  Being a mother of 4 was something I had never thought about or expected.  I've been documenting this pregnancy more than my other ones and its definitely helped me get excited about it.  Seeing other people be excited, whether or not its actually genuine i don't know, but non the less, has been very helpful. So thank you to you wonderful people who have said congratulations, or commented on pictures, or have come up and chatted with me and asked me how I'm doing.  It really has made a world of difference.

Will I love this little guy any less because i'm not as "into it" this time around? no way.  I love him very much already and we are already buddies thanks to our late night & early morning kicking and stretching sessions. We've bonded.

We are only weeks away from this little one joining our family.  Chris literally just texted me "7 weeks only 50 days!!" he has a countdown at work.

So, this post doesn't really have a point but I guess its okay to not be into being pregnant when people expect you to be: a memoir.

here are some photos of my belly and cheeks getting huge, your welcome.
 16 weeks, 20 weeks, 27 weeks
30 weeks, 32 weeks

Well here's to being a mother of 4 kids. 

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  1. Love seeing your pregnancy posts. Hooray for documenting. :)


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