The final countdown

Well we have just 4 weeks left people. 20 something days!

This time has finally arrived.  Its the most anticipated time around here cause that means i'm almost done. glory hallelujah!

Its been ridiculously warm outside so that just make things even more peachy.

So right now you can find me most days, sitting on the couch with a fan on me wearing as little as i can possibly get away with, while Camden yells at me for not getting up every time he needs something. I should really get the whole nesting things going but i hate the stairs and most things that need to be done are upstairs. I try to avoid going up and down the stairs as much as possible. Most days i go down in the morning and only got back up to go to bed.  I'm hoping i get an explosive burst of energy this time around and can just plow through things in a day or two. eh. we'll see.

I have so many other things i want to blog about, they are all stored up in my head but they can wait.  I'll probably post about valentines day in April so look for that! :)

Here i am 36 weeks of baby growing glory.

-peace, love, puppies & unicorns-


  1. Yay for the final countdown! Good luck! And I agree, stairs suck! Can't wait for your April V-Day post! Maybe I'll actually get my hubby a gift then haha!

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