Its March!?

Seriously how it is already so far into March!! I am glad the days are going by fast, but I do like to enjoy the month of March.  So many wonderful things happen in march!

Camden's birthday. He turned 3 on the 1st! Three people THREE!! He is just so much fun and love seeing his sweet and crazy personality grow.  He makes the best faces, cracks his own little jokes, has a huge imagination and loves so fiercely.

Baby will be showing up any day now.  We've been hoping sooner than later, but obviously I know a thing or two about delivery at 40 weeks or more so its not surprising baby boy is sittin pretty, and loving the womb.  We are all getting very excited for his arrival and I can't wait to see what he looks like.  His profile looks very similar to Camden's. Guess we'll see. :)

Spring break!!  Kids have two weeks off of school starting the 14th!  Its going to be nice to get to spend time with them, but also its gonna be a little crazy having all the kids home right when baby come too, but i'm glad it will give the kids time to bond with their littlest brother.

Easter is in March this year too.  I love Easter.  I won't be attending in get together's this year, but still it's the best anyway and I just love it so much.

Oh and I guess my birthday is in March as well.  Turning 29 this year, aka: Saturn's return. Only one year left before i reach 30.  It will be so great to get out of my 20's! I've been looking forward to it! Seriously no sarcasm here i'm actually excited about it.

My next post should be more on the exciting side so stay tuned for that.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna I go pray for labor to start and wanting pain to be inflicted on me so I can hold my sweet baby soon.

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