Thanking my husband of Instagram with Statesman Ties

My husband is a good sport with my wild, random and crazy ideas. Especially, when it comes to being a husband of Instagram. If you don't know what a husband of Instagram is watch this video

He's always so willing to step up and take lots of photos of me, and for me, especially if my short stature hinders me getting just the right angle, lighting, or whatever. So, when Rob at Statesman Ties contacted me and talked about their amazing ties I was like, YASSSSSSS!! This would be perfect as one, an early birthday gift and two, as a thank you for being amazing and supporting all that I do, gift. 

What better way to thank my Instagram husband than with gifting him something that he'll have no choice but to be in front of the camera instead of behind the scene. A nice change, maybe. 😂

Chris only has a few ties and he wears a tie every Sunday, honestly, he should have a whole bunch of ties to choose from, so I've been on the hunt for some really good ones. Let me tell you what, these are some good high quality ties! Even with our wild toddler pulling on it, it stood up to the beating. 

Each tie is 100% woven silk, with detailed embroidery and made with thick batting, basically it's the manliest of man ties!💪 My favorite part is that this tie is two inches longer than most ties! Which is absolutely perfect for my tall husband!  He didn't have to retie it like he usually does with his other ties, #winning! 

When a behind the scene guy gets in front of the camera you try everything to get them to smile but sometimes fail. 😂 I promise he loves it. Next time we'll stick to him keeping his day job of taking photos of me, right Chris? 

Thank you Statesman Ties for helping me gift my Instagram husband with an amazing America tie that he can enjoy for a long time! What ties would you choose!? So many countries and states to choose from!

I absolutely love the story about how Rob started his company, a tie that means something. I know you'll love it too!

Statesman Ties was an idea that was two years in the making. While serving as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Ukraine, Kiev Mission, I often found myself searching for new or unique neckties to wear. I searched high and low and would typically find cool ties at local bazaars in the city or at other markets.
On my last day in the Ukraine, Kiev Mission, some the very thoughtful members of one of the local congregations sent me home with gifts. One gift was a necktie with the same colors as the Ukraine flag.
That is when I realized that not only did I love the people of the Ukraine, but I also appreciated my time there…so much so that I was grateful to have a tie that would always remind me of my time there…a tie that means something.
It is with that in mind that I created Statesman Ties. We use the tagline “A Tie That Means Something,” because our custom neckties are more than just a fashion statement. It is a statement of pride and a unique way for people to be reminded of a country or area they’ve served in as an LDS Missionary, or just a country that they are fond of and like to visit.
Almost seven years after I came up with the idea, my wife and launched Statesman Ties in 2006. For the last 10+ years, we have been growing slowly and consistently. We are grateful for those who have supported us along the way and we’re looking forward to more growth in the future.
We have unique custom country ties and state-themed ties for anyone and everyone.
Thanks for taking this journey with Statesman Ties!


  1. Wonderful post! Thanks so much!! I especially love the part where you say "it's the manliest of man ties!" Awesome. :)

    1. It really is the manliest of man ties!! He keeps commenting on how great it is!

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  3. Ahhhhh! They have an Argentina tie?! I've been trying to find one of these forever! Andrew has kept all of his from his mission but they are falling apart fast and I know he would love one of these! Time to save up for Christmas gifts!!! <3

    1. YAY!!!!! seriously though these are sturdy ties and will hold up really well and for a long time!! Perfect Christmas gift for Andrew!!

  4. Oh my gosh Adam is a TOTAL #HusbandsofInstagram guy haha! I put him through so much! What a great tie! Chris looks so dapper!

    1. LOL! sometimes I feel bad but mostly don't :)


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