my feet need a break.  they are not really tired (but a good food rub would be nice). my feet need a break from the crumbs that get stuck to the bottom of them when I'm walking around the house.

have you ever experience stepping on a day old piece of toast?

just to let you know (from experience) its collapses instantaneously under pressure into miniaturized pieces of annoyance. sometimes i will just brush my feet off and walk away from the pile, cause lets face it sometimes i just don't have the time (or i'm just being lazy) to clean it up.  so how many times does it take for me to step on it before i clean it up? a whole lot that's how many.

i know it needs to be clean but i make the excuse of  "it's just going to happen again so why clean it up now." story of my life.

so in conclusion. i guess if i need a break for my feet i need to use my feet more and walk around and clean up right when the mess or spill happens. 

how is this better?  i do not know, but it is.

on a scale of 1 to 10 how clean is your house right now.
1 = disaster zone  10 = so clean that even Mr. clean is envious.

i'm gonna have to go with a 4.  which is what it is pretty much every day.

cheers to another day of doing a good job momma's.


  1. i think im at a 5 today......hopefully i can get my butt into gear soon ;) he he love the new blog

  2. When I woke up today it was a #2 now its probably more like a #6 0r 7.

  3. I'd say its about a 5 over here downstairs :)


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