The Television.

i could just end right now with just those two little words, but alas i will not leave you hangin like that.  i have a love/loath relationship with one television in particular in my house.  it's the TV in my daughters room that i've been so desperately trying to get out of there.  

LOVE- i love it in there because well lets face it, i don't get too much time to my favorite shows anymore, and we are in the stone age and don't have tivo. ::GASP:: so when its "mommy time" i can sit down for half an hour to an hour and get a show in our two with out a huge argument from my kids. they can peacefully watch something on the kids tv.  
i need my resting time.  you know kill some brain cells, become lazy, eat way too much chips and salsa while watching amazing mindless entertainment. i believe everybody need a little of that.

LOATH- i don't just hate it i loath it with a undying passion.  why you ask? well because one it's in there and two because she expects a movie/show every night in order to fall asleep. she can not fall asleep with out it, and it drives me crazy.  if it just "happens" to turn off in the middle of the night she'll wake up start freaking out and scream until its turned back on.  i loath the fact that my daughter is dependent on this tv to help her sleep. 
i'm not even sure when this actually came about. i can't remember even putting the tv in there, its weird.

well so now because of my "good job" ::pouring on the sarcasm:: i pretty much am face palming every time i think about it. DOH!

live and learn right?  i am determined to not have my youngest doomed to the same fate. 

what's life with out a little face palming action!

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  1. ha ha! you know we made that mistake with all 3 of my kids.... you think i would have learned! who am i kidding~ i sleep with the TV on too and im 29 years old:)


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