me, myself, and im never alone

hi, hi, hiya!

(this one is sooooooo unbelievably random and boring i am just warning you right now)

just twiddling my thumbs trying to think of things to jot down. the mundane, the weird and the down right disgusting.  pretty much sums up things in our middle of no where neck of the woods

snot closed eyes, vomit, endless annoying coughing (just let it end, PLEASE!!) has been going on since Saturday night.

Mia, Ev, then Cam.

we are basically a walking PSA for Doterra oils right now though.  You're Welcome.

i feel like i should put some pictures up or something to make this way more interesting, but i'll spare you and keep this nice and boring.

i feel a huge amount of guilt from my kids being so sick. i was asked by two different people to help them out today and i had to say no. it took every thing in me to say no. i hate saying NO. now im the jerk that didn't say yes, and i feel like a schmuck for not helping, even though there is no way that i could have because of the sickies. the circle of life y'all. (edit: 9pm: i was on my way to go help a friend pack, clean and such cause she's moving and my van DIED. it bit the dust. SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this can not be happening. anywho, moving on. )

uh, lets see. oh well im sure everyone is just DYING to know what my callings are in our new ward. Yep, CALLINGSSSSSSSSSS. plural. multiple. dose.

RS meeting planning person .ONE
RS instructor. TWO

talk about a "are you sure you want me to get my weirdo self in front of people and teach them?" moment i had when i was asked. pretty much a 'uhhhh, come again? yeah that's what i thought you said.'

but im sure i'll do fine. just as long as no body looks at me. so im sure things with go swimmingly.

and that's all i have to say about that.


  1. Here's a story for you....I clicked on a link to a blog that I saw on Facebook. I read it and liked how the girl was keepin' it real. She seemed funny. So, then I clicked on the 'About Me' tab and bam, it's you! I kind of feel like I know a celebrity right now. Anyways, welcome to the neighborhood. I can't wait to be friends. (maybe we already are...have you stalked my facebook page yet? Is it official?)

  2. You are hilarious. So glad I stumbled upon this blog. And I can't WAIT for Sunday!!!


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