so im just here sitting on the floor of my bedroom hiding from my children. well, camden in napping and the girls know where i am, but i'm just sick of hearing them fight over who gets to play minecraft on my kindlefire. the game doesn't make any sense anyway! i just don't get it. 

amywho, stuffing my face with samoa girl scout cookies (the devils cookie) and drinking a diet dr. pepper that i swore i would stop drinking but really one every week isn't that bad. 

just picture me doing this. its a beautiful thing really. 

update shmupdate
here we go. 

-sold our house.
-moved into a basement
-bought a house
-moved into house
-train ride
-building baby gates
-and some other random stuff in there too



congrats you made it through.
now i will start posting normal life stuff. so awesomeness.

now i must go because i must DANCE!


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  1. You are so trendy and wonderful. Glad you are back to blogging. Im also glad you love Samoas. Me too.


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