now that we're friends on facebook

 im gonna share something that i don't share.
 it'll be our little secret.

What happens when we become friends on face book.

1.  I don't share something on your timeline like it says for me to do. I go through your pictures.

I need know everything about you with out actually asking you about yourself, and i will not like a single picture from the past even though i reeeeeeeeally want to, so you won't know that i am creepily stalking your pictures right then. i need to keep your vision of me sane.

2.  As soon as i've gone through pictures. I check out to see what friends we have in common.  I try and figure out how in the world we would know that same person. If you could, just to make my life easier, try to have a picture with your friends in the place you met them. it makes stalking you much less time consuming.

3.  I will then find out if you have either an Instagram or Twitter account. and then i will proceed to follow you and hopefully you will follow me back.  Then i will proceed to look at all pictures/tweets and not like any pictures/tweets from the past so you wont know that i am creepily stalking your pictures right then.

4.  Wait for my new friend to post something and then i can like/comment , and then i feel like we can be great friends. i personally try to say something witty and funny, cause it will make me look cool and non stalker-ish. (at least i tell myself that)

5. Repeat with every new facebook friend.

I know you've always wanted to know what happens after we become Facebook friends.

So HI all new friends. just keeping in real.

how you may be feeling now:


Jenna Foote said...

I think this is true for everyone! We're all Facebook weirdos.

Lisa Nickle said...

Have you ever accidentally liked an old photo? Embarrassing. Haha.

luvdoctorlibbie said...

Lisa, I once accidentally liked a photo on my neighbor's Instagram when I was going through her old photos, and we are not friends on Instagram! It WAS embarrassing.

I have also been known to do some mean Pinterest stalking.

erica[goodjobmomma] said...

Lol!!! Yes many many times Lisa. I about died!!!

Lib, yes I on occasion stalk on pinterest. Another good source!

bettertogether said...

You're added pictures! I die! And the fact we had this conversation in the car after I met u haha but I was the one confessing of stalking haha

Lisa Nickle said...

It's interesting because right after I posted that, I wrote a comment on someones Insta that I'm sure they had no idea what I was talking about because it was for the wrong person! Holy crap. Immediate hotflash. I'm also glad I'm not alone! lol. Yous all some great ladies!

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