me, myself, and im never alone

hi, hi, hiya!

(this one is sooooooo unbelievably random and boring i am just warning you right now)

just twiddling my thumbs trying to think of things to jot down. the mundane, the weird and the down right disgusting.  pretty much sums up things in our middle of no where neck of the woods

snot closed eyes, vomit, endless annoying coughing (just let it end, PLEASE!!) has been going on since Saturday night.

Mia, Ev, then Cam.

we are basically a walking PSA for Doterra oils right now though.  You're Welcome.

i feel like i should put some pictures up or something to make this way more interesting, but i'll spare you and keep this nice and boring.

i feel a huge amount of guilt from my kids being so sick. i was asked by two different people to help them out today and i had to say no. it took every thing in me to say no. i hate saying NO. now im the jerk that didn't say yes, and i feel like a schmuck for not helping, even though there is no way that i could have because of the sickies. the circle of life y'all. (edit: 9pm: i was on my way to go help a friend pack, clean and such cause she's moving and my van DIED. it bit the dust. SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this can not be happening. anywho, moving on. )

uh, lets see. oh well im sure everyone is just DYING to know what my callings are in our new ward. Yep, CALLINGSSSSSSSSSS. plural. multiple. dose.

RS meeting planning person .ONE
RS instructor. TWO

talk about a "are you sure you want me to get my weirdo self in front of people and teach them?" moment i had when i was asked. pretty much a 'uhhhh, come again? yeah that's what i thought you said.'

but im sure i'll do fine. just as long as no body looks at me. so im sure things with go swimmingly.

and that's all i have to say about that.


now that we're friends on facebook

 im gonna share something that i don't share.
 it'll be our little secret.

What happens when we become friends on face book.

1.  I don't share something on your timeline like it says for me to do. I go through your pictures.

I need know everything about you with out actually asking you about yourself, and i will not like a single picture from the past even though i reeeeeeeeally want to, so you won't know that i am creepily stalking your pictures right then. i need to keep your vision of me sane.

2.  As soon as i've gone through pictures. I check out to see what friends we have in common.  I try and figure out how in the world we would know that same person. If you could, just to make my life easier, try to have a picture with your friends in the place you met them. it makes stalking you much less time consuming.

3.  I will then find out if you have either an Instagram or Twitter account. and then i will proceed to follow you and hopefully you will follow me back.  Then i will proceed to look at all pictures/tweets and not like any pictures/tweets from the past so you wont know that i am creepily stalking your pictures right then.

4.  Wait for my new friend to post something and then i can like/comment , and then i feel like we can be great friends. i personally try to say something witty and funny, cause it will make me look cool and non stalker-ish. (at least i tell myself that)

5. Repeat with every new facebook friend.

I know you've always wanted to know what happens after we become Facebook friends.

So HI all new friends. just keeping in real.

how you may be feeling now:



so im just here sitting on the floor of my bedroom hiding from my children. well, camden in napping and the girls know where i am, but i'm just sick of hearing them fight over who gets to play minecraft on my kindlefire. the game doesn't make any sense anyway! i just don't get it. 

amywho, stuffing my face with samoa girl scout cookies (the devils cookie) and drinking a diet dr. pepper that i swore i would stop drinking but really one every week isn't that bad. 

just picture me doing this. its a beautiful thing really. 

update shmupdate
here we go. 

-sold our house.
-moved into a basement
-bought a house
-moved into house
-train ride
-building baby gates
-and some other random stuff in there too



congrats you made it through.
now i will start posting normal life stuff. so awesomeness.

now i must go because i must DANCE!



i can't stop, i won't stop

So word on the street is that blogging is on its way O U T...out.  so obviously i want IN!  i'm not really sure what street that would be cause honestly i haven't heard that. im just assuming. and you know what they say when you assume. you make an A-S-S out of U and ME  see what i did there. :)

 i'm like that. im the rebel, the troublemaker, the for crying out loud when is she going to stop.

oh no we wont stop, we cant stop.

something i've missed is blogging. i know what your thinking, lame. but im not lame. so there.

i like writing down the mumbo jumbo that comes to my quasi messed up brain with cherries on top. you know the good stuff.

so what i really mean is this...

if you want to party like is 1999 you've come to the place. im down, im jiggy with it, im hip, im the now. stick with me, cause im the man.  


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