A year to take chances

Since March of this year I have been given the amazing opportunity to be a part of a very special and amazing group of ladies over on East Valley Moms Blog as a contributor/writer.  I'm going to tell you the tale of how this all went down.

I'm not even sure how I came across the blog in the first place, my best guess is through Facebook, and I was checking it out and I saw they were taking submissions to be a contributor.  I sat and stared at the entry form for about 30 minutes, trying to convince myself that I should send in my info.  One of my goals I had made just weeks prior to this moment was to get myself out there, and to take risks.  So I sent in my information.  I never thought in a million years I would hear back and if I did, it would be a "thank you for your submission but we found you lame and uncool and we don't like you" (okay, it would not be like that but that's what my mind was telling me)

About a week later I got an email back and they wanted to meet me! UH, WHAT?! I seriously wanted to cry and hug everyone I could see.

I didn't know what to expect, I had never done anything like this before.  We met up at a restaurant that I'd never heard of and there were other contributors hopefuls there too.  I was like a deer in headlights, I was trying to play it cool, but really I was a nervous wreck. I was working my life motto of fake it till you make it at 1000% capacity.

After I left I was like welp its up to the fates now. I tried to be cool, we'll see what happens.  Turns out I didn't have much to worry about, It was more of a we picked you and we want you to write with us we just wanted to meet face to face thing.  PHEW! When I figured that out a week later I was still just in pure shock!

How could I be doing something like this?!  I mean I've seen other people be writers/contributors for other blogs and wished I could do something like that but never took the chance.

Turns out all you need to do is put yourself out there and see what happens.  I was prepared for a no, and what I got in return has been something I never could have imagined.

Now just 7 short months later I have been giving so many amazing opportunities with EVMB I can't even thank Lisa & Michelle enough!  One that I really could not have seen coming was to be a part of their executive team. LIKE FOR REALIES?! I'm now the Community Outreach Coordinator. I even got business cards with my face on them! MY FACE! WHAT?!  I'm even on the tab with the bosses WHAT?! LOOK SEE!!

I'm a believer in taking chances, but I didn't take as many as I should have and I am so blessed because I decided 7 months ago to just go for it.

Moral of the story, don't be afraid to put yourself out there, it might surprise you what can come of it.


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