How I wore it for How We Wore It

Greetings you lucky finders of this post.  You are in for a real treat today. My very first totally awkward outfit post.  

A few weeks ago, after reading a couple of friends How we wore it outfit posts, I was intrigued at the idea of doing something like this myself.  I've got about 9 months left before 30 and it's something I haven't done before, and I like a challenge, on occasion.  I thought about it for a few days then signed up to do the link up for July.  My thought process was that with the amount of people that probably sign up, I would surely not be selected to do such a thing, but since you're reading this that's not how things panned out. 

I got the email to participate and I was slightly panicked.  There was a way out, a blurb at the end of the email that could have set me free..."PS. If for some reason you need to sit this week out let me know ASAP."  I could have very well taken it, but that's not me. I'm not a quitter. 

So lets get this started :) 

This month the lovely Deidre (the brainchild behind how we wore it posts) was inspired by fitness/relaxed look for this month.  Perfect! I basically live in leggings and relaxed baggy clothes, cause 4 months postpartum isn't really my clothing/body jam portion of life.  

Then I saw the inspiration photo from Looks for Lovelies, seriously, DANG, she is fly!  Again, I literally just had a baby and I am not in shape, or trendy, or anything you'd normally think of when outfit post comes to mind so, I called upon my personal stylist/older sister Mallory and we got to work. 

You guys it was a million degrees, and humid as heck taking pictures. I was sweating bullets within the first 10 seconds, but we totally Tim Gunn'd it. 

Here I am in poses I like to call "What's that over there!" & "Sassy crosswalk signal"

Oh yes I am also supposed to talk about my outfit I am wearing. 
 I call my look
"I make people of Walmart look good"

Shirt: Walmart
Leggings: Walmart
Shoes: Walmart Clearance
Shades: Men's H&M (borrowed from sister) here is a similar pair

Can't change location, just change something else then.  My personal stylist said knotting my shirt would work and look awesome.  It took some getting used to, cause the shirt does come up a bit and I wasn't confident it would look good, but I stepped WAY out of my comfort zone even more and I'm actually okay with this look. I wouldn't wear a knotted shirt a lot but I guess on occasion.  

This is literally my go to every day look.  I feel comfortable in it, and it makes taking care of my 4 kids easier cause I can move in it.  I'm not trying to suck in to get those jean to zip or constantly pulling my jean back up over my ba-dunk-a-dunk. 

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my look for How We Wore it.
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Seriously, all knock outs! 

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Oh and be brave and sign up for next months How We Wore It, head on over to Deidre's for more details. 
And basically, trying to take pictures in your front yard with a toddler is fun.
He was hiking into the shots and then started poking me with a stick he found. It was a great time. 


  1. OMG I love your post! You are hilarious! And 4 months PP you look great! We both wore the same kind of top! (coral/orang-y!)


  2. Wait, did I already send a comment? Something weird happened before I finished the comment. Anyway....
    You are hilarious. I love this outfit and knotted shirt! I love knotting my shirts, especially while pregnant- it extends the life of my shirts and I have more clothing options when I knot it above my bump.
    Also, I lol'd at the photo of your son with his dish towel "hair."

  3. Haha okay you are so funny. This post cracked me up! I love your pictures! Glad to know I wasn't the only one a little freaked out by the challenge this month.

  4. Haha I love everything about this! I also think you're hilarious, as the other girls said. You look awesome, I'm so glad you didn't quit this month! Please continue to sign up and do these. The knotted shirt looks great :)

  5. Love your bright top and your creative pose names. ;)

  6. You did it! I love the "Tim Gunn'ed" it!

  7. I freakin love this. More than the burrito I ate today. And it was bomb. So, I can't wait for more! You're so inspiring!

  8. I freakin love this. More than the burrito I ate today. And it was bomb. So, I can't wait for more! You're so inspiring!

  9. I love the knot in your top. I can never seem to tie a good looking knot haha.

  10. The coral color looks great on you and I'm dying at "sassy crosswalk signal" Lol!

  11. Gorgeous and funny! I love the knotted top, you TOTALLY killed it.

  12. Saying hello from HWWI fellow blogger :)
    I love the coral color for the workout shirt.
    You did a great job!! I know how awkward it is to stand in front of a camera, believe me! Haha. But you killed it, darling!


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