Summer Break Is Over

Well we made it through summer break.

The girls started school this past Monday.

They woke up around 5 am and got ready right away and were walking around with their heavy school supply filled backpacks for 2 hours.  They tried to be super quiet for my sake, and not bother me cause they know I don't get much sleep at night yet. I guess they played with Leo in the crib next to me for awhile so he would be quiet for me too.  They are such sweet girls and I will admit I do miss them during the day.  They are so willing to help with Camden and Leonard.

Whoops kinda got carried away there for a bit.
They are loving school, sure its only been a week, but I'm hoping that they continue to love it as the year goes on.

Camden had to get in on all the picture taking action before the first day too.  

I love the first day of school pictures cause its the perfect time to compare at how much my girls have grown and this past year they have grown a LOT! 

It literally blows my mind!! I know kids grow fast but just seeing this jump is unreal! My grown up girls!

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