Peace, love & unicorns

A few days ago I was just sitting and enjoying a quiet night,  just looking at my sweet sleeping babe in my arms and thinking about life.  Its a scary time to be alive. So much hate and fear, but I only thought about that for just a brief moment, then my thoughts turned to all the reason why its such an amazing time to be alive.  

I've come to realize that the things going on around the country right now, that should be scaring me out of my mind right now, honestly have don't affect me that way.  I feel a great sadness, but I don't have any fear.  

I have been blessed with faith and courage, to not let these things bother me. Its a gift I am very grateful for, especially raising my sweet children in a world of turmoil. 

I'm going to continue to spread love & laughter in my tiny little corner of the world and try my best to be an example of what we want in this world. I love my God and my Country and I want people to feel safe and not be fearful. 

Anyway, that was some heavy stuff, I thought I should just pop in and say a few things about all the crazy going on. Seems to me that people are capable of coming together, aka, Pokémon GO. I don't play it but it makes me smile, and laugh at how quickly its spreading so much joy, weird joy, but joy nontheless. The world can be good, we just need to find it and be apart of it.

Peace, love, & unicorns to you all

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