LuLaRoe Review + GIVEAWAY

When I first heard about the company, it was fairly close to after it launched.  I wasn't very into the idea.  I don't buy myself clothes often and didn't know much except LuLaRoe had crazy pattern leggings, which is true (and they are totally awesome btw).  As time went on I saw more and more about LulaRoe on social media, and the idea was growing on me. I had a couple pieces but hadn't explored too far into the clothing.  So when Mandy was looking for someone to review the clothing, I was happy to do it! Fun Fact: I was in a bunco group back in 2009 and Mandy was in the group too.  I hadn't seen her since then! I loved catching up and she has the cutest kids now! 

I went over to her house (Arizona Local) and saw the incredible amount of inventory she has! It was a little overwhelming and intimidating looking at all those styles and patterns.  Its so great having a consultant that knows what they are doing and have an eye for matching, mixing and pairing the perfect pieces for you and your body.

I tried on quite a few styles, and fabric choices and finally settled on some amazing pieces.  I stepped out of my comfort zone with a couple pieces and I am so glad I took the risk.

I really wanted to show that 1.) Any size can rock LuLaroe and 2.) Don't be afraid of color and pattern mixing.

I received the following pieces to review.

  • XL Irma shirt
  • 2xl Cassie pencil skirt
  • Tall/Curvy Leggings
  • XL Carly swing dress.

The Cassie is my friend.  Each item is hand cut so sizing can very slightly, but the 2XL works perfect for me.  Its not constricting but not going to fall off.  The wide fold over waist band is so unbelievably comfortable, and the fabric is soft and has a good stretch.

I paired this bright fun Cassie with a gorgeous floral pattern Irma shirt.

An Irma runs big,(normally I would wear a 2xl in shirts but in the Irma an XL is the perfect fit) its a longer in the back tunic style shirt with just a slightly tighter quarter length sleeve.  It is exactly the shirt I need for Arizona's mild fall & winter weather.

What did I tell you about pattern mixing! Don't be scared.  I first saw this together and I was like WHAAAA!! but after I tried them on and saw what they looked like together I fell in love.  I wore this outfit to church and I wore it the rest of the day it was so comfortable.  I normally get home and change immediately out of my Sunday clothes.

Something else I love about the Irma is how great it pairs with jeans and leggings too. You can style it up for a night out, or glam it down for just around the house, running errands or out for a lunch with friends.  Its so versatile, which for me is great since, I don't purchase clothes for myself often I need one piece to look good many different ways. When you hear that LuLaRoe leggings are like butter, believe me they really are! You may sometimes catch yourself rubbing your legs often. If I could have a pair in every color I would be a happy happy gal.  They can be paired with an Irma, Classic T, Perfect T, Carly Dress, Amelia, Joy....okay basically everything! 

Last but certainly not least is the Carly dress.  Its new to the LuLaRoe line and its came out with a bang! The Carly is a high low swing dress.  Intended to be worn tighter on the top then its flows down over the body loosely.  I don't usually wear loose flowy dress, but this dress has changed my mind about that. 

Something that is usually difficult to find in clothing, particularly dresses my size, is a dress that is long enough in the back.  It could go to my knees in the front, but since my human body has a butt it comes up in the back and just looks odd and I'm uncomfortable wearing it. The Carly does not have that problem on me! I was very surprised too by the size that works for me, an XL!

If you are nervous LuLaRoe does not have a size for you, don't worry, because they do!  If I wanted an even looser look I could just go up a size and get that.  Same with the Irma shirt. I love the clothing and you could say I'm just around the river bend to becoming a #lularoeaddict?  OOPS. Sorry not sorry.

I know the price point of the clothing can be a huge turn off. I'm a fugal person and can't spend money on myself for the life of me, but after I purchased my first piece, and saw how great it was made, how comfortable I was in it and how happy it made me feel to wear, I was hooked.

I think it's all about the right pieces for you.  Start small and go from there!  Soon, you'll be in love too. :) My girl Mandy has everything you'd need and can help you find the perfect piece for you! She made me more of a believer in my clothing choices and more confident in myself!  Thank you Mandy!!

Don't you just love this Carly! Love the fun flirty pattern and it makes me feel dressed up, but also like I'm wearing a house dress. LOL! You can have that feeling too. LuLaRoe fashion consultant Mandy Shelley is graciously giving ONE lucky person a CARLY!!!! 

That's right folks, the Carly dress of your choice (from current sizing and inventory pieces from LuLaRoe Fashion Consultant Mandy Shelley).

Enter below for your chance to get a beautiful Carly dress for yourself. 

If you are Local to the Phoenix, Arizona area check out this Event Mandy and a few other local consultants will be at, at the end of October!  Get those fall outfits taken care of! 

**Giveaway open to US residents only**Must be 18+ or older to be eligible**Giveaway runs from 9/27- Midnight:10/1**

LuLaRoe Giveaway!

**all opinions are my own.  I received the items of clothing free of charge in exchange for my review and honest opinion**


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