Mommy Style Monday: Meal Time

I love me some food.

Its crazy that my kids don't. I'm constantly telling them "I wouldn't make this if it didn't taste good!"

I have multiple picky eaters in my house, so meal time and finding something that everyone likes is slim pickings.

This Mommy Style Monday is all about meal time.  I'm still trying to figure out what everyone will eat when it comes to meals, opinions around here change a lot.


I have found a few meals that are go too, and also snacks. My kids snack a lot, and the older my kids get the hungrier they get.  I feel like I'm always feeding them.

My go to dinners that nobody feels to share their picky opinions about.
  • Taco Salads
  • Scrambled Eggs
  • Rice with Hamburger or Turkey Meat
  • Hot dogs & Hamburgers
  • Crock pot meat & potatoes

Pretty basic nothing crazy.  I know there are a few other things, but these are the ones that get rotated quite a bit around here. I do try and make something the kids haven't tried before or they have had in the past and I want them to try again, every once in awhile. Doesn't usually go over too well with some but sometimes you just gotta make something you like and the kids can just deal, even if they give me sass.

The things my kids love more than basic food is snacks.  Oh all the snacking! constantly asking for snacks.

Go to snacks

  • Malt o Meal GIANT bags of cereal. Knock off cinnamon toast crunch & fruit loops are the way to go.  On the grocery receipt it literally says MOM CEREAL.  Its a sign you must buy if you're a mom. 
  • Cheese sticks.  Yes, sometimes I spurge a little for these, Not often, but they love these and eat them up. So do I
  • Animal Crackers. Chocolate & Regular.  
  • Those crunchy Nature granola bars that make the biggest mess in the world. messy, but good. 
We're super classy, with food around here. LOL!

The baby just wants his bottles, rice cereal and i'm gonna start him on fruits and veggies as soon a i find a highchair i like.

As you can tell I wasn't able to take a single picture of children eating or food for this post, but I hope the use of a few gifs made this a tiny bit interesting.  Happy Eating. 

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Till next time. 


  1. Ugh, will they never stop asking for snacks?

  2. They will never ever stop! They just keep getting hungrier as they get older. I'm really looking forward to the next couple years when I have teenagers and teenager friends over. LOL! I'll need to turn my house into a costco!

  3. I'm not fancy at my house either. And when you DO want to be fancy, the kids don't appreciate it! I think the basics are just right :)


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