I am so on the ball: December [one]

Let's get this ball rolling a little bit and back track a few months so I can get caught up and not feel so bad about it.


Breakfast with Santa event with East Valley Moms Blog

Amelia turned 7

Holiday Concerts

Student of the month award


Family Reunion (Chris's side)

It was a busy month. I wasn't really into Christmas this year, I was over it before it began, but I still tried to make it as magical as I could for my kids.

Anyway, lets begin

BWS & Amelia's birthday fell on the same day this year. Bummer, but thankfully it was a morning gig and we had a party planned for later that day. I was so tired by the end of the day but it was a fun day and Amelia said it was the best birthday ever. :)

Amelia wanted a cat theme birthday.  I made a cat pinata that was difficult to break and kept falling off the string.  Gold fish and swedish fish for cat treats. I made fun little cat treat bags(i guess i forgot to take a pic of them).  Played a few games, pin the tail on ms. kitty, and yard ball toss. It was a fun little party and it really made her happy and smile.

I am so on the ball: December  [TWO]  [THREE]

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