Day to Night: An attempt at fashion

Good morning! Good Monday!

Its Mommy Style Monday once again, and the topic this time around is a day to night look.

Lets be real this is gonna be a short and sweet post.  When it comes to making a look I'd be wearing during the day to the potential of going out at night has little to no change. 😭🙈

Number one in anything I wear is comfort, then, is it clean, then, I think about the fashion part.

Some of my favorite clothes for comfort is no surprise, Lularoe.  Dang it to heck, they make some cute comfy clothes.

For this post I'm wearing one of my favorite Lularoe shirts.


Shirt: Lularoe Perfect Tee
Black Leggings: Walmart
Sandals: Thrifted american eagle knock-off berks
Bracelet: goody hair tie

I'll happily run quick errands, drive to sonic, clean, and lounge on the couch watching Hulu in my comfy day look. Bonus, is i'll look put together is anyone randomly pops by, which happens frequently. :) 

On to bring my day look to night... don't blink or you'll miss the difference. ;) 


Shirt: Lularoe Perfect Tee
Jeans: Walmart
Sandals: Thrifted american eagle knock-off berks
Bracelet: goody hair tie

I told ya.  I really don't change much when I'm going out and need to fancy myself up.  I just throw on a pair of jeans and call it good, if i'm lucky and no big spills happened on my shirt during the day of course. If you remember my past Mommy Style Post about accessories, I normally don't. Comfy and plain. Just the way I like it. :) 

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  1. That shirt looks great on you! I love that we both were pretty simple when going from day to night haha.

  2. I love that shirt. And leggings are like my wardrobe staple!!!

  3. Those colors are great on you! Super cute outfit.


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