Zoo Day

photo c/o Phoenix Zoo

This last week I was able to go to the Phoenix Zoo with some fellow East Valley Mom Blog friends for a special tour.

I wasn't sure what to expect, but this tour was above and beyond anything I could have expected.

photo c/o Ashton Kelly

We got up close and personal with the Orangutans, Momma & baby. They love crystal light squirted into their mouths with a spray bottle. My kind of mammals!

photo c/o Shannon Costello

Spent time talking with the workers that feed and go into the alligator area.  I was kinda super nervous for them but they were calm and cool.  The alligators can probably smell fear. 

We got to feed the stingrays little fish and shrimp! According to the stingray trainers shrimp is like cookies to them. It was so fun to see Camden jump right up and be the first to get his hand in the water and have s stingray suck food right our from his hand.

We also go to feed and get in the tortoise enclosure.  This lovable tortoise was named Junior, once she saw we were there she slowly turned around and wanted all the love and veggies. Leo really wanted to grab at Junior but even though they are slower you gotta watch out for that beak. They'll getcha! :)

It was a perfect amazing day at the zoo and it was amazing to experience the Phoenix Zoo in such a different way.  I'm gonna want a tour every time I go now! It was so amazing and was so grateful I was able to go and enjoy the experience with my boys and with my EVMB friends.

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