I'm really proud of my children's artistic gifts.  my oldest especially. she colors like a champ and she uses the computer program paint and makes some really amazing pictures. 

As much as a love the artist in my life it occasionally has a down side now and them. 

what happens when your creative monkeys can't find any paper?? well let me show you.

yep that is what happens. 

notice how wonderful their art is!  oh and that line going across the back door, see it? yes, that goes around the entire room, every wall in our family room has a touch of something extra special. 

i guess this is what i get for trying to get other things done. 

i am very proud of myself though, i did not yell at all, i just calmly walked in the room and i just said, " oh no what happened in here" my daughter then replies "no paper mom."

i just laughed. i guess she didn't have enough paper for her vision!  oh goodness.

all i can say is, good things for magic erasers!


  1. Wow. I am impressed you did not yell. My Mom once caught me taking all of the wrappers off of our canned food storage and playing in it....haha :)

  2. oh my goodness....i would have been yelling like crazy.....you must have had a D.P. running threw your vains:)


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