well i was hoping to grace you with many pictures from our zoo adventure, but when i put new batteries into my camera it didn't turn on. 

yep its official my duct taped together camera finally bit the dust.  maybe by some miracle it will work again. i sure hope so.

so i am sorry i have no pictures from the zoo. :(

something exciting happened yesterday.  i was grabbing a hair tie and was getting ready so we could go to a splash park with some friends, and come back out and my sweet little amelia had ripped off some keys off of my laptop.  yep. awesome.  she is a cunning little sneak and works very quickly. so we didn't get to go anywhere because there are consequences to being naughty.

i'm just glad that she had kept all the letters in a neat little pile so i could get them back on.  a couple of the letter keeps popping off and the ? mark button will no go back on at all.  super.

then this morning evelyn put on red lips.  i have the red lip stick that does not come off and she did a pretty good job doing it by herself, and she put some on sister too.  they will have red lips today. 

they have been littler terrors this week. just awful.

i probably shouldn't be leaving them alone right now but i'm to the point this week that i don't even care. they aren't listening to me so i'm just not going to try. next week i'll see how things go.

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