the factory

i'm finally getting into the swing of things with myself. figuring out what works, what doesn't and i think i've got my system, and i'm just nervous about sabatoging myself right now.  especially if i'm asked to go out where there may be any food.  still not my strong point. it is getting better though. 

one thing i was not able to weasle myself out of was going out to dinner last friday.  my parents for a birthday take that person out to dinner. well this year for my birthday, which was two months ago, we just plain forgot and i was totally okay with that. well they invited me to go with my other two sisters to their birthday dinner so we could go all together.  to none other than the cheesecake factory. kill me now. haha. 

i had to prepare myself. how awful it that.  i was nervous to go. so i looked at the menu online before i left and picked exactly what i was getting so i would not even look at the menu when i got there. of course i forgot that there is bread on the table and appetizers ordered. i resisted, i knew i only have a certain amount of calories to eat and that was it. i was not going over and that was final.  i was good, the food i got was great. i didn't want to eat the whole thing but i had to in order to get my calories in. what a shame :)

everyone ordered their cheesecake. i'm actually really glad my husband doesn't like it. it saved me from sneaking anything he ordered. i was scared to go just because that is alot of delicious temptations to deal with but i'm glad i was able to stay focused and have a great time too.  thank you to my parents for taking us all out. it was a great time!!  the best part was my brother in law came up to me and said how great i looked! yay. so people do notice!

i'm trying really hard not to be a food nazi but it may seem like i could be headed in that direction.  oops. :)

and i totally swiped this picture from my sister in law amy's blog. sorry, i had to at least have one picture with all these words, and they look hot so it make this post better.   

(me, kim, amy)

thanks for sticking with me peeps. i'm even more crazy now. heaven help me.



    Going out to eat is really hard.

    But, you were prepared, and educated on the choices.

    You are SO good.

    And, you didn't SNEAK dessert?

    I am so proud of you!

    A fellow food nazi

  2. Erica! I am seriously SO proud of you! I keep forgetting to tell you how great you're looking lately, but I promise I've noticed! Your will power amazes me! I don't think I'd be able to do what you did :-) Way to go girl!

  3. You're so cute, you should read the book Intuitive Eating - it is so helpful with how our bodies are naturally designed to eat, etc! :)

    I LOVE your shirt in the picture!!

  4. You're awesome! And yes, I love that top! You wear it well!

  5. Picture Stealer!!! Ha! It's cool. You do look amazing!

    and thank you again for the oils ;) !


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