weeding weekend

this past weekend i was able to go with my husband to a wedding in Oceanside, CA.

thankfully my parents were able to watch the two rugrats so we could go. :)

i was hoping for a picture overload for you BUT my husband had the camera most of the time and didn't take many pictures. He did take a few too many of these big guys though.

i only uploaded these 2, there were a few more. He is pretty obsessed with these puppies.  You'd think three great danes in a house would be too much but they are so sweet and well behaved.

Any who, so like a said we were there for a wedding.  It was for my husbands friend Brian and his lovely wife Jessica.

It was a beautiful weekend and a beautiful wedding.  The weather was kind of on the cold side though. We were planning on going to the beach but for me it was just too cold, but i tried to embrace the cold knowing when i got home it would be super hot.

i did miss my girls a lot though. i started treating the puppies as my children: following them around, making sure they weren't getting into anything. it was fun.

thank you to Brian and Jessica for letting us stay at your house.  thank you to my parents for watching the girls they had so much fun they have been telling me all the things they did with you guys.

a couple of videos and pictures for you.

::the videos i was trying to upload were giving me grief, i'll see if they will post later::

we'll actually be back in oceanside the weekend after next for a week with my family. we can't wait to go back. i'll keep the camera next time and have more pictures to share. :)

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  1. you look amazing Erica! I love that picture of you!

    Glad you had fun!!!


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