cat beach?

evelyn got a little yo-yo from one of those 25 cents machines at the giant pizza place in oceanside-ish (close but not exactly in the city)

oh i didn't mention the giant pizza place....my bad!

 getting excited to eat some giant slices

our family took every seat they had.

see GIANT! 28" i think it was.
we actually ate 2 of these bad boys
yes that is a gnome.
my mom love gnomes and it came with us on vacation and got lots of pictures with things.

any way so where was I....oh yes YO-YO

evelyn decided that her yoyo was her pet kitty, and she names it little buddha. this morning while daddy got ready for work he said how great it was that the cat was on a leash. she responds "well cause i'm going to take it to the cat beach"

how funny would it be if there was an actual cat beach.  they could play nice aka skin you alive. oh that would be a sight to see.

she mentioned the cat beach because while in oceanside we went to a dog beach with those 3 great danes. it was super fun.  this is getting bit long so i'll have the dog beach story for ya tomorrow.


  1. mmm that pizza was so good! evelyn is hilarious hahaha :)

  2. Kitty Cat Beach?!



    That's what I thought of.



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