so when i say 'i'll post pictures tomorrow' what i really mean is "sometimes in the next week or so....maybe" hahaha

oh man such a slacker here!!

well i've been kinda distracted this past weekend.

we got a new addition to our little clan.
well at the moment a temporary addition.

if you follow me on instagram you've seen the pics. :)

on thursday a little puppy showed up at our house. i was on my way out so i left some water out, cause i felt bad for the poor little guy he looked exhausted.  it was only 10am but it was already way too hot for this little guy. when we got back from shopping he wasn't around. 
we had to go get something around 5ish.  the girls peek out the mail slot in our front door and evelyn told me that the cute puppy is back.  I open the door and the poor thing was sitting on the door step, he looked tired, dehydrated and all sad.  i couldn't resist helping him.  so i took him around back gave him some cold water, i don't have any dog food laying around so i gave him a few pieces of chicken i had cooked from lunch. i felt bad giving it to him but it was all i had and he looked hungry.

we've been searching for any owners. he didn't have color and tags. we got him checked for a micro chip but didn't have one. we went to the pound to see if someone put up a flyer for him, i've been posting online everyday, and haven't heard anything.

i don't want to take him to the pound, because i just feel so bad for those little animals there it breaks my heart. what if no one comes for him and he is put down, i would hate myself for that.

i am a softy when it come to animals. so now we have this adorable little puppy, for the time being. 
the girls have loved having him around, he is calm and takes a lot of crap from the girls.

(cell phone pic so it's pretty crappy. sorry.)

we'll see what happens this week.

oh and we've named him 'little buddy ronan dexter' or just dex for short. :)


  1. Aww, poor guy! I feel the same about poor lost strays. I wish we could take him, but we're not allowed to keep pets in our place :-( I hope you find his owner, or someone can take him. Glad the girls are enjoying him for now though :-)

  2. Oh! That is so nice of you! I'm sure the girls are in heaven :)

  3. Yup, your a dog owner. :) There is no way your girls are going to let you get rid of that dog. Plus, you named him already and I bet you even bought dog food!


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