well we just got back from our family trip.  it was saweet.

this year we hunkered down in a little ol' California town called Oceanside.

It was heaven i tell ya, HEAVEN!!!!

we stayed at the porter beach house. heard of it?  it is one amazing house and is perfectly located extremely close to the beach.

it was so nice to be able to just relax and have a good time with family.

1. these girls were crazy on the car ride, but they did entertain each other pretty good.
2. us on the third story balcony looking at the beach.
3. freakishly adorable shot of the destroyer (her new nickname) 
4. getting ready to go to the beach. they were so excited.
5. this is what she looked like every day after the beach. so tired
6. on one of our walks through town.

perfect crandell vacation

more pics to come soon....

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  1. those are cute pictures of the girls! and it was SUPer FUn!


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