out in the open

does anyone else try to avoid seeing people they know in public?

please tell me i'm not the only one.

don't get me wrong, i love chatting with peeps from the past and "catching up" in the 2 second conversation, but i hate awkward situations like that.

i'm the girl that will turn the channel, look away or squirm when i know that a awkward/weird moment is coming up in a movie or show. 
i'm not sure why i do it, but i guess i just hate those moments so much i just try to avoid them. i try really hard to not look like i want to run away and hide though. :)

i've experienced with many time in the last couple of weeks, it was horrifying.

one just the other day. i took my girls out to lunch. Evelyn chose a booth. the gentleman in the booth next to us looked familiar to me, i don't know him, but familiar. i try to get the girls to go to a different spot, but they were persistent. ugh.  i knew this was going to get awkward real quick.

my fears didn't disappoint.  just a few minutes later the wife of said gentleman came walking up to sit. of course i knew her and we said hi then she sat down in the booth next to me.  ugh. i wanted to run. i will say i'm glad i was facing away from their booth.

it has nothing to do with the people i see. especially the amazing person in this situation, i mean she is super fun, nice and just an all around spectacular person, i just hate the situations. i shutter again just thinking about it.



  1. I do know what you mean. A lot of the time though, I just plain don't like the person I'm seeing. It's also the "out of your element" or an unusual place to see someone. Take last week. I saw someone at Ikea who if I were say, at a gathering of friends I totally would have talked to. But, seeing her in Ikea just plain freaked me out...

  2. I totally agree!!! I love the first 2 seconds of catching up, and then I just feel awkward and think "okay, now what" and immediately start getting self conscious of everything I do or say after that. It's different at baby/bridal showers, receptions, or something similar when I know I will run in to people. But the random run ins when I'm caught completely off guard, HATE THEM!!

  3. I would be the one who doesn't really want to talk - but I look at them too long trying to figure out if I really know them -- even more awkward!


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