Cartoon Hunks pt. 2

If you're new around here then you wouldn't have seen pt.1 it was almost 3 years ago, so i'm gonna guess most of you have not. So, go back and educate yourself and take a look at >> Cartoon Hunks <<

i have taken your input from those many years ago to add to the list. so here is Cartoon Hunks Pt. 2 enjoy.

I've realized after putting this list together its mostly the "rugged and awkward" list. 

Flynn Rider 
aka:Eugene Fitzherbert

Thief turned hero, it couldn't be a better story folks. 

John Smith

His name is so generic, but doesn't stop him from breaking rules, running wild, and begin super hunk to Pocahontas. 
She knew he was trouble when he walked in.

aka: Prince Ali

The ultimate street rat/nice guy combo.
I'd go on a magic carpet ride with him, any day. 

Emmet Brickowoski

Oh sweet, sweet Emmet.
Don't you just want to pat his head and give me a treat. 
I'm sure we all know an Emmet, am i right? 


Really awkward but smart and caring. 


Your average run of the mil guy
but everything your probably looking for. 

And finally, i'm not a fan of jerk characters BUT 


if he had a beard i wouldn't object. 

Beards make everything better, and that will be a later post. 

Okay so anymore you'd like to add to the list? 

I know i am missing a whole slew of cartoon hunks. 
Its about time you admit how much you love cartoon hunks. 

Have a wonderful day folks! 

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