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I cant believe I forgot to write about another epic dance party I went to.
Oh wait, yes I can believe it, its called children, school, babies, anger & aggression. The standard stuff.

But I'm here now, trying for the 10th time to write about it. Typing as slow as cold tar with one hand while I wrangle my 4 month old in my lap.

On June 30th I started early getting ready because I knew if I didn't I would be scrambling to leave with enough time to get there on time.

I played around with some make up and ended up going with blue eyebrows, and I'm pretty happy how they turned out.

I wanted to do a simple outfit.  I saw some perfect leggings online and thought about buying a pair, but I'm glad I didn't cause almost everyone had them. I'm glad i wore my jeans, cause pockets to hold my phone. yaaaasssss!

snapchat airkaka87
I made a seashell head band, from a basic headband and a pack of seashells i got from the dollar store too.

photo cred: Bonnie Sowle
I had found a sea shell bra at the dollar store so i painted it pink with glitter.  The string was irritating my neck so i decided 10 minutes before leaving to just hot glue the shells on to my white shirt.  So glad i did. It would have been super annoying to dance and have fun with the string digging into my neck.

photo cred: Bonnie Sowle

I wanted to do something fun with my hair and spent way too much of my day completely failing at it. Attempted color hair chalk too. I ended up just wearing it down, then literally 5 minutes in to dancing put it up. Oh well. I think its the effort in trying that matters.

Photo cred: All Pro DJs & Photobooth

There weren't very many pictures of me dancing this time as there were from the last dance dance party, but at least I got in the photo booth this time. 

I drank some amazing delicious mermaid inspired concoctions from The Soda Shop. YUM! Seriously, so so so good. I may have had 4, or something like that.

It was a great time to get out and dance my cares away. 

Mandy knows how to throw down an awesome party and I can't wait for the next one! 

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  1. It looks like you had a GREAT time!
    Busy moms always deserve a lil time out to have fun and dance with their friends!



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