oh my heck, AWESOME!

Seriously every time i look at the before and after i say "oh my heck"

i think the kitchen says a lot about a person or a family for that matter, its like the heart of the home....you know what i'm talking about right?!

You know what this kitchen says about me?

Hi my name is erica, i'm depressed, lame and boring! Please don't be friends with me cause i'm a duller!!

Seriously i can not believe i went so long with out making a change. I had a vision (that why the walls are blue) and its finally coming together! YAY!!

With out further ado, i give you the real me.  The i'm super fun for reals, and i am outgoing and funny and i love my life, and yes lets me friends!! haha

Seriously! OH MY HECK, AWESOME!!!!!

I smile when i walk in the kitchen now. its amazing what a few days and late nights and a few coats of awesome paint can do to a room and a mood!

phase one and two complete! now on to phase three decorate!

what do you think??

ps. i do realize there is a space with no microwave in it. it will be up shortly, i wanted to wait to put it up till i painted the cabinets! :)

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