random weekend

so this weekend was full of fun things.

Friday, one of my cousins got married.  They are a super cute couple.  I helped at their wedding reception that night from 6 till about 9:30.  It was a beautiful reception, with some amazing food, and great cake.  It was fun helping out! seriously, a good time. I really love working at receptions, like for serious, i love it! If anyone is looking for someone at any time i would love to help! :)It was also a plus that i got A LOT of walking in, it was a great workout too. WOOT! two for one right that! awesome! haha

Saturday, consisted of...as i'm typing i can't really remember.

hold please.

(five minutes later. have a mentioned how terrible my memory is? well it is awful and it got worse after children.)

okay, i remember now. we did not much. i guess that is why couldn't remember. oops. :) we just did some grocery shopping, played "water jump" out side for a bit with the girls. (water jump is basically just sprinklers but that's what they call it. i have no idea.) then we decided to go out to eat as a family. you know sit down. whoa we are getting crazy up in here peeps, watch out!  we went to the bees of the apple (applebees if you didn't catch my coolio lingo) and we had a good time as a family. you know playing with sugar packets, saying hi to everyone, and screaming with excitement, the goods. :)

i feel bad cause i totally stink at taking pictures. i know that i love reading peoples stories and blogs with pictures. why must i be so lame? must change this.

we'll be at the zoo today so i will try and remember to take pictures and i'll have a super splendid picture filled post comin at ya!! i hope.

thanks for stopping by....you stay classy.


  1. I haven't been to a ZOO in... about two years...

    I love the zoo...

    Planning a trip to the zoo now.

    Thank you!

  2. why didnt you invite us to come to the zoo!! hu? hu?!!! :) kidding

  3. Let's not lie about taking pictures at the zoo, Erica. I think the only time you pulled your camera out was to show me how ghetto it was. Did you even take a picture? Hahaha. So much fun. Glad we got it in before my membership lapsed.


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