lazy days of summer

it seems so be hard for me to write in the summer. i've figured out why.

1. it is way too hot outside so of course that means laziness.
2. i don't cook as much in the summer because it's hot so i am hungry, tired, and lazy.
3. i don't want to take the kids too many places because the van in 200 degrees, so i am lazy.

so i just don't like doing things when it's hot. if i don't do anything i have nothing to write about. not the best excuse but it's 110+ everyday and my brain has apparently boiled along with everything else.

sorry about that. we will be going something where tonight though, but to my parents to swim with the family. i guess that counts, but i'll still be lazy about it just to keep up my reputation.

we don't have any plans this year for the fourth. we will be lazy and stay indoors. i am pathedic. hahaha. 

anyone doing fun things this wednesday??  actually leaving your house?

have a great week folks!!!

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