three's company

what are all he words to that song. three's company.

come and knock on my door. we'll be waiting for you...and...the thing and the thing...three's company too.

hahaha i love that friends episode. i tried to find a clip but alas i didn't. so it's probably not as funny to you if you haven't seen it.

well we found a new home for our sweet little puppy. it was needed. my girls were not very nice to him and got in his face alot and i could tell that he didn't really like to be around them anymore. so i knew i needed to get him in a place that wouldn't annoy him so much.  i nice lady came and picked him up on Wednesday night.  the girls were a upset. okay they were really upset but they knew he wasn't going to stay i think they just didn't think that he would actually go. actually amelia didn't really care, it was evelyn who really had the fit. 

i felt bad that it didn't work out for our family but we learned that a dog for the girls is not something that can happen now.  so we decided that when all the kids are at least 5. so when evelyn is 10 we'll think about it again.

we'll have plenty of distractions to keep the girls mind off of puppy.  evelyn every morning asks if my tummy is going to pop today and every morning i tell her nope not yet. after you turn 5 then it will be almost time for mommy to pop.

weird conversation....or not

the girls fought over who could "hold" baby for the picture so they each got there own shot with baby.

they are both so excited to be sisters again and are even more obsessed with babies since i told them. evelyn is holding a baby magazine that i got from the doctors office.
they are so in love already and it makes me so happy. 

we are so excited!

ps: when i say spring i mean early march.
"due date" technically is feb 28th.
 doc changed it to march 2nd
i told him to change it again to march 7th
 just for good measure. :)
so it's really DUE WEEK!


  1. Congrats again! So excited for you!
    Hanna keeps asking me too "when will the baby pop out"? and i keep telling her after Christmas. even thought is a couple weeks after Christmas that was the easiest thing to say. :)

  2. Yaaaayyyyy!!!!! So excited for you! (And for Mallory too, that's fun that you'll get to be pregger buddies :-)

    Hope all goes well! I'm glad the girls are excited!


  3. Congratulations! So exciting!

  4. Seriously so excited for you Erica! Can not wait to meet this cutie of yours :)

  5. WOW Erica!!! Congrats! You totally buried the lead with that one!


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