full of surpises

sorry i've been MIA as of late. i don't know what to tell ya. oops. :)

so i'd thought i'd share some pictures today that i captured on my phone....well cause i don't have any other camera.

so lets begin.

i have this 2 and a half year old you see, and she is just a little ball of sass and love.
 exhibit A

this little love of mine decided the other day to give her barbie a nice hair cut.

exhibit B

i wasn't upset about that because i did that all the time to my barbies and i was freakishly surprised it actually took so this long for this to happen.

well exhibit A decided she wanted to look like exhibit B

so this brings us to....

exhibit C

(exhibit A picture is what the front looks like. short and choppy too.)

yep looks like she chopped whatever she could grab in the back and the top and snipped away. it is just out of control.
an absolute mess!

i am so sad cause looks like the only solution is to get the girl a super short hair cut, like pixie short. :(

i know she is going to be furious because she loves getting her hair done and getting braid and ponytails in it. but she'll just have to deal with it i guess.

i'll have to get some bows and headbands to make up for the other stuff. poor girl.

why must children do things like this.
she does keep things interesting and keeps me on my toes.

my little amelia.


  1. Oh man... This post is sooo Awesome it made my dad :)

  2. Well, look on the bright side ... at least you can blame her for that hot mess of a haircut. I actually gave my daughter a HORRIBLE haircut when she was that old and I was so embarrassed. She looked like Mr. Spock!

  3. OH NOO!!! MIA!! I bet she will look adorable tho with short hair! :)

  4. She is SOO cute!! Well atleast she didn't cut herself :)


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