well this past week i took amelia to my sisters and got her hair fixed. oh and it is so stinking adorable!!

she was so good sitting still, letting kim work her magic. well it probably helped that that i kept shoveling smarties her way to keep her still and happy. you gotta do whatcha ya gotta do!

a little picture reminder of what it was.

and now what it is!!!

my sister is amazing at working her magic hair skills. she ended up cutting an aline cut with lots of little layers to hide some of the really short pieces.  it turned out amazing and amelia was very excited with her new look.

she is growing up and this cut make her look so much older. well she doesn't acted like she's older but looks wise...yes. much, much older.

my baby isn't much of a baby anymore.


  1. It is perfect for her! :)

  2. awe thanks!!! It was a easy cut! Mia already did most the work for me;-)

  3. Amelia's hair does look very good. Good job Kim on the cut and good job Erica for letting Amelia live when you saw that she cut her hair. :)

  4. So stinkin cute! Short hair is perfect for her ;)


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