copy cat

so no much has been going on this last little bit.

we still have the pup.  he is fitting in quite nice with the family.

evelyn has developed something extreamly annoying...copying everything i say. heaven help me! she did it for the first time the other day when a couple of friends were over visting. good thing for evelyn they were there cause i kept my cool.  hahaha. 

sure isn't the best thing in the world, but i'm working my way around it. if she decides to start copying, i say freakishly long sentences and do it really fast so she gets confused and laughs then walks away. i know she'll figure out that soon and i'll have to come up with something else.

joys of litte children and their ways to mess with momma.


amelia has been giving me more and more attitude lately.telling me no, hitting, screaming, throwing tantrums. its so hard to stay mad cause she turns on her cute and i just melt. she know how to work her way onto people. she is just good.

i love my girls they bring my life so much love and meaning. they drive me totally crazy some days but i couldn't imagine my life with out them.  they have taught me so much about love and especially patience and i am continully learning and growing.  i am far from being a perfect mother but i'm trying my best and i hope my children know that i would do anything for them. they are my world.


Thank you for commenting! I love reading every one!

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