well now. i was given a little ol' bloggy award.
Jenni from A Dash of Sunshine
Bella from EMR Wife

This award is something like this,
you know when celebrities thanks all the little people (cause they totally do that) well, this is for us little people.

little blogs. :)
yay little blogs!!

i will nominate some peeps in a later post and have your questions then.
this one is a doozy, so i'm gonna split that up.
this post is just FILLED with information about me (it's taken me a couple days to get this finished).
 things i know you can not live with out knowing for one more second!

11 facts about me:
even though i was tagged by two peeps i'm still only doing 11.

1. i enjoy a good chick flick. while i'm typing this i'm watching The wedding planner
2. i love to watch the news.
3. my 4 year old has thicker hair than me. i seem to have gotten the balding/thinning hair gene in the family.  
4. i love to bake. i've usually got something yummy baking in the oven daily.
5. i have a terrible memory, and i don't like writing things down. not the best combo
6. i am 4th out of 5 siblings in my family. 2 sisters and 2 brothers
7. i love to throw things away. i'm not much of a saver of things. i don't get attached very easily.
8. i got really lucky and never had to have braces. actually none of my siblings have either. we be cool like that.
9. i will use movie quotes while talking to people. people aren't really catching on. maybe i should stop. nah it's just too fun!
10. my mind will pretty much go straight to the gutter if something is said. i try not to, but i fail. i'm working on it.
11. in honor of Thanksgiving this week, i don't like to put gravy on mashed potatoes.
i prefer to mix in corn or meat and eat them that way. strange but yummy!        

Questions from Jenni:

1. If you could live off of one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
 EASY, no doubt it would be pizza! you can make it for every meal and if i felt like it i could go healthy. :)
2. What is your dream car?
 most people would think this is not cool, but i really REALLY want a Ford Flex! Those things are wicked!
3. What is your favorite holiday tradition?
 one that we don't do anymore, but as a kid was my favorite.
our neighbors in our cul-de-sac would do luminaries up our street.
we'd fold the bags, put sand in the bags, put a candle in, then each kid got a really long candle and we'd go around and light each one.
it was something i looked forward to every Christmas.
4. What is your favorite candy bar?
i love candy so it's hard to choose just one
but the one i always can eat no matter what is a YORK. those bad boys are delicious!
5. If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you go and why?
i'd really like to travel Europe. all the war zones. i've always been fascinated by history, and would love to see where everything took place.
6. What is your favorite book?
 hunger games.
i haven't been able to read anything new since i've read the series(5times, no shame), but even if i did i would probably still love hunger games.

7. What does your blog name mean?
 Its something that evelyn says to me.
i ate my food "good job momma!"
i cleaned up my mess "good job momma!"
and sometimes its me being sarcastic to myself
yeah good job momma, heavy on the sarcasm.
8. What is your favorite utensil to use in the kitchen?
 hmmmm....i'm not really sure
my potato masher?
i do like mashing things
9. If you could tell your 16 year old self anything, what would it be?
i think i would tell myself to just do what you are doing, keep having fun, laughing, making friends, and you will have a great life. stay positive.
10. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
mint chocolate chip
11. If your life were going to be made into a movie, who would you choose to play you?
Melissa McCarthy she is so hilarious!
i'd like to think i could be as funny as her...someday.

Questions from Bella:
1. where were you born?
born, raised and will probably die here too.
summers are death but winters make up for it.
2. why did you start blogging?
i started blogging cause my sisters told me i needed too because they did.
i ended up loving it and they don't really blog anymore.
haha. funny how that works out.
i've been blogging for almost 5 years.
3. what's your best asset?
physically, not much. haha
i'd say my positive attitude toward anything and everything.
i try my very best to always be happy and hopefully it will help other people feel the same way.
4. did you watch all the twilight movies?
YES!! i loved reading the books so i had to watch the movies of course.
 love the bad cheesy lines and bad acting.
wouldn't be a twilight movie without it.
5. magazines or books?
i've tried to get into magazines but its just too much fluff for me.
6. how many times a week do you wear makeup?
usually once. on Sunday.
but only blush or bronzer sometimes.
weaksauce i know. meh.
7. what would the title of a movie about your life be?
haha i don't even know....uhhhhhh
or maybe
don't wake mommy
8. what kind of computer do you have?
an acer laptop
it's been through a lot and it's still kickin
9. hot chocolate or coffee?
i don't drink coffee so hot chocolate it is!
but i do really love hot chocolate, and its a plus i've been craving it like crazy right now.
10. what's your fav outfit right now?
really anything that fits. haha
but really my pjs. i don't really go anywhere during the day so pjs are it.
11. favorite sport to watch or play?
i really like to play dodge ball and frisbee golf/ultimate.
i haven't played in so long and i'm not any good but i love to play and watch.
there is just something about getting hit in the face with a red rubber ball or a fribee that just make is so worth while.:)

thanks for the award ladies!

peeta and i thank you for letting me cram all that knowledge into your brain.




  1. Nice blog, but really...team Peter? They had to have made that cardboard cut out you are standing next to much taller because in the book he sounds so tiny. :) In my book it is Gail all the way even though his name does sound a little feminine.

  2. I am team Peeta. Physically, I like your big eyes best. Your eyelashes look the extensions I just paid for.

    Just my two cents!

  3. Sweet Blog Reward! I LOVE your blog! TEAM GAIL TEAM GAIL TEAM GAIL! Don't hate!

  4. Don't Wake Mommy! HAHAHA.

    I also love to throw things out and I never had braces! We're lucky peeps!


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