most loved post of the year

okay maybe not the most loved but i'm going to say it is. children dressed up in costumes is the best thing ever!! i love it so much.

so first off. Amelia transformed from Dorothy into Cinderella. She was adorable as Dorothy, but she loved being Cinderella the best! She fell asleep in her costume and still wont let me take it off her. haha. what a cutie. Evelyns cat whiskers aren't coming off as easily as i hoped either. oh well, i don't think she'll mind going to school with whiskers on her face today.

Is it totally lame of me as a mother that this was Amelia's first time actually trick or treating? She's been to a trunk or treat but like actually door to door. She's almost 3! i'm kinda glad it was though, she understood and i didn't have to push i stroller she could do it all on her own.

the pictures you've all been waiting for.
we met at my grandparents house with my family and we got some pictures together then we did some trick or treating in their neighborhood. it was awesome.

her kitty cat roar face.
 my adorable little princess
 love my little princess and cute kitty
 my oldest nephews easton & tillman.
ninja zombies.
they played the part well.
 my sweet nephew Rigden
the hulk.
 my cutie pie niece Rylee
cutest minnie mouse around.
the Kitty Kat club.
Evelyn, my niece Hanna, & Brinlee

the best shot of them all together.
love these kiddos!

the parents that dressed up.
me:purle cow, kim(sister): bird watcher aka:attack of the birds
mal(sister): a witch, jon(bro-in-law):pig man
this was a great year. the girls got really tired and slept great last night!
How was your Halloween??? Did you dress up this year?? :)


  1. I love that she changed costumes haha :)

  2. I loved seeing all of the children dressed up yesterday! Your little girls are adorable!

  3. Amazing!

    Can we be family too?
    I love to dress up TOO!

  4. awe! great pictures and costume! looks like the kids had LOTS of fun!! and your halloween looked alot less wet than ours lol!

  5. Last night was so fun! You snapped some really cute pictures!!!

  6. melt my heart! This is adorable. I cant wait to have children so I can celebrate Halloween with them!


  7. I'll make you feel better. Lydia never went trick-or-treating door to door until she was 5! There was always a trunk-or-treat, and I felt like she got enough candy, and the year I was going to let her go, Halloween was on a Sunday, so she didn't go (it actually worked out perfectly, she had no clue what she was missing!). So, no worries, and Claire didn't go until she was 3. Spencer is my earliest. He was almost 2 (only a day shy!). Anyhow, your kids were super cute. :)


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