oh hi there

yeah hi. remember me. the girl that disappeared for a week with no trace of her what so ever.

sorry about that. the week just flew by it was crazy, but crazy fun. :)

so here is a little update for ya.
highlights from our thanksgiving
  • yummy food
  • laughing
  • kick ball (ps. i would not recommend playing while 26weeks pregnant, but i never take my own advice. i was tired and sore but it was so fun!)
  • competitive family members
  • great deserts
  • having fun with family.
i love my family! 

 i was in charge of making potatoes for the feast.
note to self: my range is too tiny for three pots
and 20lbs is too many.

 put of the tree the day after thanksgiving
we have the grown up tree and the kid tree.
they've been having a great time decorating it everyday, over and over and over again.
oh Christmas tree.

 yesterday was my nephew rigden's 3rd birthday!
he invited us to celebrate his big day at bounce u.
the girls had so much fun and they were wiped out when we got home.
they could barely stay awake to eat their dinner.
see i haven't gone missing. this weeks is going to be another doozy. evelyn is recovering from a mad cold, making ornaments, and getting everything ready for my sisters baby shower this saturday. woot.
oh and my little amelia will be THREE next monday! so many fun things happening!
I really hope y'all had an amazing thankgiving and make it the best day and week ever!



  1. Still thinking about those mash potatoes! They were bomb.com! I need to send you a pic of Mia getting some serious air at bounce u haha. Yay for 3 years old.... :)

  2. hahaha Kickball?! You are awesome! Rock on momma

  3. haha love it! i disappeared for the week too! random awesome disappearing :P


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