weekly update

Well now this week has flown by too! Which i love cause i seriously needs to be two weeks from today like NOW!!!! i've been waiting for that day for a long time. i'll explain when we get closer, PROMISE! EEEEEEEK!


So i'm 27 weeks now. feeling like a whale. typical. so by the time i actually have the kid i'll feel like a.....hmmmm....a beached whale. :) yep.

had my glucose test done on monday. YUM. i gotta be honest, i don't mind the drink at all. It tastes like hawaiian punch (i drink the red kind). Not too shabby.  I'm hoping i dont get a call back but, i wouldn't be shocked if i did. oh well, i guess we'll see.

so i got a early christmas present. eeeeek! you might be seeing some higher quality picture around here soon. i got a sweet new camera.  Nothing fancy, but clearly going to be better than my phone. haha.
thank you husband for the camera!! :)

i mean come on its super pretty too! oooo i love the blue! its even shinier in person. yay! so just in time to take pictures of all of Amelia's birthday fesivities, which really isn't anything but still. So excited!
This has been your weekly update! I hope everyone has an amazing weekend. I should have picutres from my sisters baby shower and any birthday happenings for you soon! yay!!  


  1. Two weeks from today? Are you talkinng about the family christmas dinner??

  2. I know what your really talking about :) SO excited!!! ANd freakin awesome camera! Love the color.

  3. yay for new camera, new cameras are always fun. i hate the glucose test... but i hate blood tests more. so... i basically suck at being pregnant haha. glad u can get thru them though haha. looking forward to more photos! and birthday photos!


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