good grief

i've been saying that quite a bit lately.
just pregnant i guess.
i'm trying to get through these last weeks in one piece.
that would be nice.
its been going by a lot quicker.
thank goodness, but the attitudes of other certain little children are driving me crazy.
good grief.
see there it is again. i can't explain it any other way.

well i guess i will end this.  nothing better then a good laugh to end a post.

i can't wait to feel like this again with a newborn!


  1. Aw! Good Grief is better than a endless stream of cursing and tears!

    I'd rather you be "Good Grief"ing than that!

    You are almost there! Baby is going to be here SO SOON!

    I got you New Years card! I am such a bad friend, I haven't sent out mine yet... Mostly because we haven't printed the pictures from Disney yet!

    Shhhhhh... I'll get it to you, I's promise!

  2. OMG friends was my favorite... haha rachel... u better not be this bad!! haha


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