when babies grow up.

This is what your child looks like when they are little and helpless. Adorable little baby. This is Evelyn, when she was a sweet little babe.
This is what happens when your sweet little babe keeps growing right before your eyes and you can't stop it from happening.


I now have a 5 year old child. They grow up so flippin fast. It is sad but i am actually kinda relieved about that at the same time too. 
Things this 5 year old is looking forward too this year and talks about every day.
-starting kindergarten in the fall
-baby brother being born
yep besides it finally being her birthday she is looking forward to those two things! She can not wait for both! I'm excited to see her be a big BIG sister, and be a big BIG school girl.
I love this girl.  She is difficult and stubborn but she is so fun and full of life and cracks me up multiple times every day with the funny things that she says.
and i'm sorry you are so sick on your birthday. :( we'll make the best of the day regardless! lets celebrate!

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  1. Happy Birthday to Evelyn!! Hope she feels better and has a wonderful day ;)


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