time keeps on slippin....

slippin, slippin, into the future.

oh man Space Jam. memories.


so time is flying peeps. thank goodness. the last thing i need right now is for time to stand still and take forever. i've got one thing after another lined up this month and next to keep me busy and my mind occupied.

32 weeks folks.

i'm feeling large and in charge. wish i wasn't so large, but you get what you get and you don't throw a fit.

it started to sink in that i have 8 weeks (possibly more) left when i realized i'm starting to see the doctor every two weeks now. it usually doesn't hit me till that point. then every week, yikes. panic button. nah just kidding. it's exciting but definitely different feeling the third time around for sure.

-right now i'm up at 5am because i can't sleep. joyous. well i could sleep cause i'm tired just too uncomfortable this morning. i can fall asleep easy and as long as i don't wake up for a bit so i get good sleep. i consider myself lucky.

-braxton hicks for the win people. it's a bit of a new experience for me. none with evelyn (that i can remember), and a few times with amelia. this one, he's throwing me for a loop. i'm hopeful this mean i'll actually go into labor on my own. that would be nice and what i'd like to happen this time around.

-i've been watching baby stuff on netflix. ever seen The Business of Being Born??  i probably wont be having a natural birth, but i've enjoyed watching the movie, and the episodes. i'm definitely more knowledgeable, about time huh. haha. its been fascinating.

-i think amelia might have a hard time with the baby adjustment. she's been acting out a lot more this last week and i think it's because of baby. she got mad at me yesterday and punched my stomach. i'm hoping this is just a little phase and not the future.

well i hope you all have a wonderful day! make it the best day yet!


  1. Hope all is going well - 32 weeks is exciting. I'm at almost 30 and I too am feeling large and in charge! It's been a crazy hot summer down here and my feet end up very swollen at the end of each day. Shari from www.goodfoodweek.blogspot.com

  2. UR SO CLOSE!!! i can't wait to see buba photos :D

  3. no natural birth Erica! haha! (but seriously) My motto is you gotta take all the epidurals and jello the hospital will offer.

    no props to you if you do! You will be my hero :)

  4. You are an amazing mom! I am sure Amelia will adjust quickly and love her little brother!

    I tried to watch Business of being born and couldnt get thru it, i felt too guilty for using a doctor and getting the epidural!

    I liked the documentary "Babies" it was good!

    good luck with your eightish weeks, and I hope the braxton hicks get better!

  5. Oh my goodness.... 32 weeks! Your pregnancy is just flying by for me! I can't wait to meet your little man :)
    And that would be so exciting to go into labor on your own! I definitely am hoping to experience that with my next one (if there is a next one.... ha ha! I kid! Actually, depending on the day I kid, or I'm serious ha!)

  6. Hi pretty lady!!!!

    I can't believe you are at 32 weeks!!! AMAZING!!!!

    I remember watching a lot of TLC's
    "A Baby Story" and "John and Kate Plus 8" (back when they were a "happy" family).

    It made me feel safe... you know?
    That these people are doing it... and yes, I am going to have and raise this baby!

    It's the little things..

    I know you understand!


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