when the momma is sick. everything pretty much shuts down.

i'm going on a week of being sick and i just want to punch a baby deer. i am so over it!

dear doctor guy

-yes i can get plenty of fluids. i drink a gallon of water a day already.

-yes i can only take tylenol. no brainer.

-extra rest you say? uhhhhh what is rest?

-oh so you are saying i could be sick for another week. you may want to walk away now before i find a sharp object and stab you with it.


  1. Being sick is the worst! Being sick while pregnant is a social injustice. Not cool. Get better quickly!!!

  2. OH DEAR!

    I am so sorry.

    Being sick Stinks EPICALLY.

    Can you email me your addy?
    I have misplaced it, in the mess that is my desk.


  3. :( Sorry you have been sick and still are! That is no fun. Get better quick!! So excited for your shower coming up :)

  4. Rest is that thing that you are getting some of now and will be getting none of in another month. :) I, as well as all of the baby deer in the world, hope you get better soon.


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