so long 2012



highlights of 2012
-wedding in oceanside californina:kid free
-lost 35lbs
-family trip to oceanside california
-being impregnated
-evelyn started preschool
-ellen show
-lets make a deal
-husband won't be outnumbered with girls
-enjoying every minute with our families
looking forward 2013
-having a healthy baby boy
-losing weight all over again(i'm actually excited)
-new adventures
-getting my washer and dryer
-no tickets of any kind
-evelyn starting kindergarten
-amelia starting preschool
-spending time with family
-and anything else that comes our way!
i hope everyone has a great new year


  1. 2012 was a good year!! So excited for all our boys to get here....wrestle mania for sure haha. and hahha the purple cow gets me everytime!

  2. OMG LOVE THIS! :) haven't been by in awhile, finally catching up from the holidays <3

  3. LOVE the pictures!! 2012 was such a great year... can't wait to see what 2013 has in store for your sweet family!


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