the end is near

i'm guessing still 5 maybe 6 weeks just for good measure though, but i can use all the "on time" baby vibes i can get right now. :)

i'm just about 36 weeks. yay, but really doesn't mean much for me.

evelyn 10 days overdue-induced
amelia 5 days overdue-induced

i don't want to get induced this time. so we will see what happens. i'm just hoping that since its the third and a boy, things will be different.

How far along? 36 weeks(close enough!)
Maternity clothes? a lot of the clothes i wear aren't maternity, but really i have just a few things that fit right now. most are pajamaish. so you'll see me rotate those few things and in my pajamas. :)
Sleep: i've been sleeping okay. obviously getting up in the middle of the night. but i've actually had a few good nights of long stretches of sleep. it's been nice.
Best moment this week: i didn't slap someone when they touched my belly. i did tell them to not touch me, and they got the picture with the look i gave them. :)
Miss Anything? being able to do pretty much anything without losing my breath.
Movement: he's been rolling around and having a party all the time. i have noticed at night he actually stops, so lets keep it up baby.
Food cravings: bananas and peanut butter
Anything making you queasy or sick: no i ended that a long time ago. thank heavens
Labor Signs: true labor, no. but i'm okay with him cooking as long as he needs too. i've been having a lot of braxton hicks so i'm excited about that.
Wedding rings on or off? if i wore it then yes it would still fit. my fingers don't swell as much as my feet do.

Happy or Moody most of the time: happyish. its hard to stay happy all the time when you are uncomfortable 24hrs a day.
Looking forward to: the baby shower festivities, my next dr appointment (the 7th) i'll get an ultrasound and see how this little one is growing, and getting the book i ordered, ida may's guide to natural childbirth. exciting things woot!!



when the momma is sick. everything pretty much shuts down.

i'm going on a week of being sick and i just want to punch a baby deer. i am so over it!

dear doctor guy

-yes i can get plenty of fluids. i drink a gallon of water a day already.

-yes i can only take tylenol. no brainer.

-extra rest you say? uhhhhh what is rest?

-oh so you are saying i could be sick for another week. you may want to walk away now before i find a sharp object and stab you with it.


when babies grow up.

This is what your child looks like when they are little and helpless. Adorable little baby. This is Evelyn, when she was a sweet little babe.
This is what happens when your sweet little babe keeps growing right before your eyes and you can't stop it from happening.


I now have a 5 year old child. They grow up so flippin fast. It is sad but i am actually kinda relieved about that at the same time too. 
Things this 5 year old is looking forward too this year and talks about every day.
-starting kindergarten in the fall
-baby brother being born
yep besides it finally being her birthday she is looking forward to those two things! She can not wait for both! I'm excited to see her be a big BIG sister, and be a big BIG school girl.
I love this girl.  She is difficult and stubborn but she is so fun and full of life and cracks me up multiple times every day with the funny things that she says.
and i'm sorry you are so sick on your birthday. :( we'll make the best of the day regardless! lets celebrate!


good grief

i've been saying that quite a bit lately.
just pregnant i guess.
i'm trying to get through these last weeks in one piece.
that would be nice.
its been going by a lot quicker.
thank goodness, but the attitudes of other certain little children are driving me crazy.
good grief.
see there it is again. i can't explain it any other way.

well i guess i will end this.  nothing better then a good laugh to end a post.

i can't wait to feel like this again with a newborn!


time keeps on slippin....

slippin, slippin, into the future.

oh man Space Jam. memories.


so time is flying peeps. thank goodness. the last thing i need right now is for time to stand still and take forever. i've got one thing after another lined up this month and next to keep me busy and my mind occupied.

32 weeks folks.

i'm feeling large and in charge. wish i wasn't so large, but you get what you get and you don't throw a fit.

it started to sink in that i have 8 weeks (possibly more) left when i realized i'm starting to see the doctor every two weeks now. it usually doesn't hit me till that point. then every week, yikes. panic button. nah just kidding. it's exciting but definitely different feeling the third time around for sure.

-right now i'm up at 5am because i can't sleep. joyous. well i could sleep cause i'm tired just too uncomfortable this morning. i can fall asleep easy and as long as i don't wake up for a bit so i get good sleep. i consider myself lucky.

-braxton hicks for the win people. it's a bit of a new experience for me. none with evelyn (that i can remember), and a few times with amelia. this one, he's throwing me for a loop. i'm hopeful this mean i'll actually go into labor on my own. that would be nice and what i'd like to happen this time around.

-i've been watching baby stuff on netflix. ever seen The Business of Being Born??  i probably wont be having a natural birth, but i've enjoyed watching the movie, and the episodes. i'm definitely more knowledgeable, about time huh. haha. its been fascinating.

-i think amelia might have a hard time with the baby adjustment. she's been acting out a lot more this last week and i think it's because of baby. she got mad at me yesterday and punched my stomach. i'm hoping this is just a little phase and not the future.

well i hope you all have a wonderful day! make it the best day yet!


so long 2012



highlights of 2012
-wedding in oceanside californina:kid free
-lost 35lbs
-family trip to oceanside california
-being impregnated
-evelyn started preschool
-ellen show
-lets make a deal
-husband won't be outnumbered with girls
-enjoying every minute with our families
looking forward 2013
-having a healthy baby boy
-losing weight all over again(i'm actually excited)
-new adventures
-getting my washer and dryer
-no tickets of any kind
-evelyn starting kindergarten
-amelia starting preschool
-spending time with family
-and anything else that comes our way!
i hope everyone has a great new year

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