Super excited to be 28 tomorrow!!!
I'm spring breaking/birthday parting at the happiest place on earth with my family
Knott's Berry Farm. 

I've been trying to think how in the world can i even top my last post. I've had some of the best convos with friends and messages sent to me about it. Its the best of times y'all! 
I thought why not do a simple giveaway
It was the obvious choice. 

These are few of my favorite places birthday giveaway.


If you'd like to follow me on instagram, facebook twitter or my blog i would LOVE that, but not a requirement to enter.   

-One name will be randomly selected on Monday, March 23rd.
-Winner will have 48 hours to respond.  If they fail to respond a new winner will be chosen.
-Winner will receive ONE $25 dollar gift card to the store they choose. 
Chose from: Amazon, QuickTrip or Target.

disclaimer: Amazon, Target and Quicktrip are not sponsoring this giveaway. 
Good Job Momma is solely running this giveaway.

There have been some issues with comments not going through!!
If your commenting from your phone it looks like its going to be an ornery toddler about it.
sorry about that. 


  1. I shared it on facebook! and twitter, and I told Henry ;)

  2. My Fist comment never published!
    I said: Even though the FIRST comment NEVER wins at giveaways I will take one for the team and enter first!! I love all of those places (but super sad we don't have a QT in UTAH!) so If i win I would pick target, and then give it to you for your birthday! Hahaha! Happy Birthday Tomorrow!!!

  3. Happy birthday tomorrow! My first comment also didn't post so here I go again. I choose Target and I shared on Facebook

  4. Happy happy birthday tomorrow my dear! Im so freakin excited for you! Id love a gift card to any of these! Probably target the most. Have fun at Knotts. Ill see you when you get back! Oh, ps im sharing on Fb and texting about it.

  5. Yayayayyayya! Happy birthday tomorrow! Also tell Chris I love him! Also I shared on FB

  6. Love your blog , I just find you today and really enjoyed reading your post. If I had a gift card ir would be from target Julian my son is going to be four and April and he is going out of his clothes so fast. I just love target clothes because they don't fade right away and they fit him better. Have great B day tomorrow

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Wish I was partying with you! Sounds like you're going to have the best time celebrating!
    I vote for Target (although, YAY, I know what QT is now, ha ha!)
    Shared on Twitter! I'm sure I'll share elsewhere as well!

  8. Happy Birthday, friend! I heart Target. It's my place to hang.

  9. Shared the giveaway goodness on Facebook.

  10. Shared on FB. Target, please. It looks like your having a blast a Knoxberry Farms!

  11. Erica, you are the best! I hope you had a wonderful birthday and when I get back to AZ we are going to celebrate your birthday all over again!!! I shared your link on Facebook. Oh ya, and I would love the Amazon gift card.

  12. Sarah Jean Hardin3/18/15, 9:17 AM

    Happy birthday!!! I choose Amazon, and I shared on Facebook. :) Hope your birthday is AWESOME!!

  13. I pick Target! I shared on facebook!

  14. I'd pick target! I'm gonna tweet about it!!


Thank you for commenting! I love reading every one!

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