Dear weekend,
I wish you would mean more to me, but being a mom its not like its a break or anything, but thank you for happening, anyway.

Dear messy house,
I love you just the way you are.

Dear people,
If you come to my home it will be messy, you may step on a super sticky patch in the kitchen, you may thinking "dang girl" to a number of things, and that's okay.

Dear diet dp,
Thank you for being there for me when i need you the most.

Dear children,
Thank you for being super cranky most days because it helps me cherish all the amazing time we have together even more.  You keep it up, you're rock stars!

Dear Arizona,
*sigh* I wish good things didn't have to come to an end, but i can feel your amazing weather pulling away and it makes me weep a little bit.  I still love you.

Dear Husband,
I hope you have a super amazing time in Cali! You work so hard for us and you deserve this break! We all miss you already!

Dear pizza,
You will be saving me on more than one occasion this weekend. Thank you in advance.



  1. Aw I say thank you to pizza too.


  2. Dear Erica,

    Thank you for writing this. You are hilarious.

    Love, Jen


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